Be in your life instead of giving it away

Therapy for those ready to honor themselves.

How often do you find yourself fighting the urge to see just how late it is, tossing and turning after yet another restless night without sleep?

The clock says three a.m., and you’re counting down the hours until your alarm. You know you need to quiet your mind, but heck, you’re already awake. You might as well send a few work emails, create your grocery list, make a plan for the day ahead–anything to help you feel productive, accomplished, and like no time is ever wasted.

But soon enough, the sun has risen again—and you’re exhausted before you’ve even started the day.

Always on the go and unable to relax, you may wonder where along the way you took yourself off of the to-do list. Yet when you stop and pay attention, the fear, self-doubt, and realizations set in: you haven’t prioritized yourself in a long time.

You’re here seeking permission, guidance, a call to exist.

You’re here because you want to improve your relationship with your partner, your family, your friends, but most importantly yourself. You’re here because you’re ready to be in your life instead of always giving it away.

I’m Helene Shute

And as a therapist with over two decades of experience, I work with individual adults and couples to create the life they want—rather than constantly living in the expectation of how it should be. My tailored, solution-oriented approach to counseling helps clients reduce self-criticism, manage stress, and uncover hidden emotions in favor of a more balanced and healed existence.

Whether you struggle to cope with life stressors or need help improving your relationship(s), I will collaborate with you in charting a path towards a more observant, harmonious way of living. And because I am certified in the highly effective method of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), I can guide you in resolving specific symptoms related to trauma, anxiety, and negative self-perception.

Working together in therapy, we can help you establish the existence that you’ve long dreamed of for yourself.

If you’re ready to finally choose you, start by scheduling an appointment. 

Living life connected to yourself feels different initially. Run away from a challenge is not your norm. Practice is a forgiving life space. It invites us to try.

The tiring parts of life are calling on you to try.

One of these supportive services may help you figure out how to live the life you dream about:


A gift to yourself. This is your time to learn, listen, and support yourself to live your life with less fear and stress.


You and your partner sitting together in a safe, uninterrupted space to share needs, wants, and desires.

EMDR Trauma Therapy

Recovery therapy that helps you live freer from harsh images or negative self-beliefs brought on by past trauma.

Women's Wellness Group

Connect and cheer on other women who are in a busy life stage. They too desire it to be one filled with joy and peace.


Free up space in your life for you. My services—including EMDR and marriage counseling—are all available online.

Helene (1) (1)

Hi, I am Helene

A practicing life-balancer, lover of New York pizza and Love Boat ice-cream, and psychotherapist in Fort Myers, FL.

I help motivated, high-achieving successful individuals and couples reclaim their life in the way that currently only feels possible to exist during day-dreaming moments.

Together we move through barriers, bust through belief systems, and birth a voice and life that you get to claim and be the guide of. We uncover emotions and challenge past stories you either experienced or tell yourself so that new life chapters have space to exist and grow.

I am passionate and genuinely believe that you can have big goals, want to be there for others and have calmness within. Learning and committing to do so starts with you choosing you.