Hi, I’m Helene!

I’m a psychotherapist, but you might also call me an advocate of YOU, a supporter of play, and a permission granted to stop juggling your life!

I help people begin to transition to where they want to go in life but struggle to because they feel locked in the pattern of their current life. Things such as anxiety, perfectionism, and having unhealthy boundaries have caused them to place their life on a pause button. I’m passionate about increasing their ability to push the play button on the life they have longed and dreamed about.

Often when clients arrive I’m introduced to their anxiety at the door.  They are exhausted.  Fantasizing about running away from their life temporarily.  Together we breathe and name what is going on inside so we can transform the anxiety that is impacting them.  Information is power.  I assist clients to create a new relationship within themselves.  Together we reframe that anxiety to an inviting energy for a more peaceful and balanced life.

I know from my own path from a once burnt-out juggler to an ever-evolving life balancer that when you have commitment to yourself you create the life you want. This new commitment allows a deeper connection to yourself. That’s where the power happens. A new self-relationship that feels empowered and believes in self-care. I have seen clients during my work in the last 18 years uncover and connect with that part of themselves wanting to exist. I know how much happier and freer one can be when they honor their true voice.

My approach to Therapy

My clients thank me for starting off as their biggest cheerleader but then passing the baton so they become their own #1 fan! My approach is straightforward and I say it as I see it. If something feels off, I bring it up. Ignoring it gives it further permission to stay stuck. You entered therapy for movement! We both show up, talk, and listen.

Embracing Imperfection
Say that statement again……Embracing imperfection. Taking back and creating your life gives you room to breathe. So does this incredible statement. Perfectionism can feel like a lonely, dead end. When you join the rest of us imperfect beings
you gain deeper understanding, support, connectedness. Try it out…….

Laughter and play
An essential part of self-care. Consider it a daily prescription that is to be done. Not sure how or when you’ll “fit it in “? No worries, I bring it up a lot. I’ll be your accountability partner!

Strengths Based
Move over critical voice, there’s a new voice in town. You’re getting more comfortable and growing stronger. I am honored to sit with you. Hear your stories. Tell you back the story of strengths and insights I hear that you often overlook. We’ll get you comfortable…. celebrating, when you see them yourself!

Come press Pause, celebrate your strength, and walk away ready to play!

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