What if...

you could create and commit to the life you have been dreaming about?

You can and I know it!

You say “yes” to everyone and everything leaving next to no time or energy for yourself.

There is so much you want to achieve that your “to do” list wakes you up at 3am.

You are an expert at people pleasing and overextending yourself even though you feel overwhelmed by the weight of the world on your shoulders. Those tinges of anxiety and that critical voice inside you try hard to ignore.

How you truly feel you hope will stay hidden in your journal or washed away by the water from your shower that blends with your tears running down your face. Those driving next to you on the road may see a faint smile that you let out as you feel less alone as you listen to podcasts by Trent Shelton and Glennon Doyle in your car. A feeling of calmness is experienced as you turn the pages of Jay Shetty’s book, “Think Like A Monk.”

If only life could be easier you whisper to yourself.

Helene (2)

I am Helene Shute, LCSW and I partner with you to create the life you have been longing for.

My office offers you space and freedom to explore and learn who and how you want your life to be. In my office you determine the flow. You get to choose the pace.

With 21-years of private practice experience, I know what it takes to guide overwhelmed and exhausted individuals and couples to a place of happiness and ease.

You are in the right place if…

You want change within your life

Even though it may be uncomfortable, you are ready to start exploring what has been holding you back from committing to yourself

You are ready to learn tips and tools to commit to the life you dream of

You long to exist in your life instead of giving it away

How did I get started in this field?

Here is the story.

I walked on to the campus of the University of Florida with my life written out (and I mean written out as if in permanent ink). My career goal was family law. My junior year I nervously scheduled an appointment with the Dean of the law school. My overachieving self worked endless hours studying, took the LSAT, did all the things in hopes to make me a viable candidate for admission. She indulged me with time to tell why I dreamt of being an attorney since age 14. When I was done (I am sure sweat was visible and my NY accent being heard) she calmly looked me in the eyes and said those seven words that shocked me, “Do not apply to our law school.” I am sure I looked utterly confused and asked to please allow me to say it all again.

What she said is that she did not hear why I wanted to be an attorney. Rather...

She heard a passion in me to help individuals, families, and couples move from a place of conflict and unhappiness to a life feeling content and calm.

Initially I felt unheard and misunderstood. A few weeks later I declared to my roommates and family I learned life can be in erasable pen not permanent ink and I was going to go to graduate school instead of law school. I am beyond grateful for that woman who saw parts of me I had not discovered yet and invited me to explore a career I absolutely love and is a perfect fit.

Many years later and more life lessons have taught me to heal my once own path as a burnt-out life juggler to a now ever-evolving life balancer. You can create the life you want. This commitment allows a deeper connection within. This is where you go from tired and feeling powerless to being empowered. When you feel this way, you start a new relationship with yourself and allows connection to parts inside longing to be seen.

I know how much happier one can be when they honor their true voice.

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My approach to therapy:


My clients thank me for starting off as their biggest cheerleader but then pass the baton so they become their own #1 fan! My approach is straightforward and I say it as I see it. If something feels off, I bring it up. Ignoring it gives it further permission to stay stuck. You entered therapy for forward movement. We both show up, talk, and listen.

Embracing Imperfection

Say that statement again. Taking back and creating your life gives you room to breathe. So does this incredible statement. Perfectionism can feel like a lonely dead end. When you join the rest of us imperfect beings you gain deeper understanding, support, connection. Try it out….

Laughter & Play

An essential part of self-care. Consider it a daily prescription that is to be done. Not sure how or when you will “fit it in?” No worries, I bring it up a lot. I will be your accountability partner.

Strengths Based

Move over critical voice, there is a new voice in town. You are getting more comfortable and growing stronger. I am honored to sit with you. Hear your stories. Tell you back the story of strengths and insights I hear that you often overlook in yourself. We will get you comfortable and celebrate together when you see your own positive shifts.