What does therapy look like?
My hope is that our time together in the office is a safe, welcoming, warm space to create the life you want. You have permission to run away from your overwhelming, stressful, and demanding life temporarily. Leave it at the door. Therapy often starts with the gut feeling (or loud voice inside) nudging that things need to change. Here you are reading a therapists’ website. Read several. Ask questions. Don’t see an answer to something, give me a call. You are inviting someone to enter this incredibly brave (and at time maybe scary) transformation process. PROCESS. What does that even mean? Great question! Therapy is a relationship. There’s the beginning space where often lots of questions are asked, your story is shared at the pace YOU want to share, and a dialogue is held to “define” what you want to get out of therapy. Then we work together to get you where you want your life to be. Sometimes there is crying. Often there are huge “AHA” moments and laughter. You may want to sit on the couch and hold onto a pillow or sit on the floor. I’ll join you where you want. The space is quiet, the tissues are there, the space is yours to own. Awesome change will occur. That’s the work your doing during this “pausing phase.” You’ll practice new things. I encourage you to love the freedom that comes with the concept of practicing. We’ll keep talking (remember, we’re in a relationship) and decide when we’ll celebrate your new life stage and say good-bye with a major open door.

How long are the sessions?
Sessions are 50- minutes in length. Unfortunately, if you are running late I generally cannot extend the time. We will meet the time that is remaining to the session you’ve scheduled.

How long will I be in therapy?
An important question without a clear-cut answer. Therapy is not like a prescription you may receive from your doctor. Much of the therapy happens outside the office. It is taking those new awareness, skills, “AHA” moments and practicing them in life. Most clients stay at least three to six months, and many shares that after working on and reducing their anxiety/stress they recognize other life areas they want to work on more in depth. Therapy often becomes part of their life “prescriptions” to stay invested in themselves and have the joyful, balanced life they desire. I have many clients that have been long-term.

How often do we meet?
I encourage weekly sessions especially in the beginning. When we meet less frequently, it makes it harder for us to not get caught up in getting “caught up” in all the things that have happened in your life since we last met. Often, that then leaves little space to work on the root of what’s going on in your life. I have found that has at times left clients walking out feeling frustrated. Meeting less frequently may prolong therapy and increase number of sessions. You are worth the time investment. As the needs change for you we will talk together what that may look like and the expectations.[/expand]

Logistics and some practice financial policies

Office location
My office is in the Premier Executive Center. It is easily visible from the corner of Summerlin Road and Boyscout Drive.

What are your fees?
Individual Sessions:

$150.00 – 55 minute sessions
$225.00 – 90 minute sessions

Can I use my insurance?
At the current time, I am an in-network provider with the following insurances:


I see many clients who have insurances other than those listed above. For those, I am considered an out of network provider. Part of my fee may be reimbursed to you from your insurance company after your deductible has been met. You will need a ” superbill” from me. You would pay for your sessions upfront, and I would provide you will this document that you would mail directly to your insurance company. Please reach out to me at 239-848-2022 or info@ Helene shute.com if you have any questions.

What is your cancellation policy?
The time you schedule is blocked off and secured for you. Should you need to cancel a session, a 24-hour notice is required. I charge my full fee for all no-show and less than 24-hours cancelled appointments.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out–I’m happy to help!