How Does Online Couples Therapy Work?

Despite what books, movies, and love songs may have led us all to believe, life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, things do not work out as we want them to—including our romantic life. When you hit a wall with your partner, splitting up may not be an option. Whether you have a shared life or you simply are not ready to call it quits, what is one to do? 

Couples therapy is an increasingly popular option in many relationships today. Instead of deciding to part ways, consider it as a route that you and your partner can take. Online therapy is also an exciting addition to the world of mental health counseling. Interested in learning more about the two? Keep reading. 

So you’re interested in couples therapy…now what? 

Taking the first step to work on your relationship is to admit to one another that you want to get outside help. At your initial session, you and your partner will meet with your therapist together. In the following sessions, you may decide to do individual meetings in addition to combination sessions. 

Once you have established a baseline with your therapist, you can start exploring trouble spots in your relationship. This way, you can come up with solutions and workarounds so you can work better together as a couple. The ultimate goal of couples therapy is to find peace and harmony within your relationship. 

woman sitting on her couch with her laptopWhat can you expect from online therapy? 

Much like regular therapy, online therapy will teach you the lessons you need to know to better your quality of life. Rather than scouring the internet for therapists in your immediate area, you can begin to broaden your search and look for websites that specialize in online therapy sessions. This way, you can link with a therapist who is best suited to your mental health needs.  

When practicing online therapy, you can either choose to have digital calls with your therapist or simply chat with your therapist via an instant messaging service. Either way, you will communicate your needs through your computer the same way you would in person. 

Differences between online and in-office sessions

There is only one real defining factor that separates online therapy and in-office sessions: a screen! Aside from speaking to your therapist via video chat, there are no fundamental differences between an online and in-person therapy session. 

The biggest drawback of online therapy is the fact that you are not fully able to communicate non-verbally with your therapist. You will both have difficulty reading body language more as a computer does not afford that luxury. Other than that, there are tons of benefits to this form of practice. 

Benefits of online counseling 

There are so many benefits to online counseling. When choosing between online therapy options and in-person routes, be sure to take the following into account. 

  • Environment: If you have never been to a therapist before, you may be very shocked stepping into a counselor’s office. Online therapy allows you to chat wherever you feel comfortable. 
  • Commute: You will not have to spend time commuting to and from therapy with an online option. 
  • Cost: Online therapy may come in at a less expensive rate than in-person options. 

Regardless of whether you and your partner decide to go into an office or choose online therapy, the important part is that you both put in the work to be together. Relationships can be hard work but the conscious effort to be mindful partners is a step in the right direction. If you and your partner are interested in exploring couples therapy, reach out to me today.