How to Cope with Anxiety About Your Kid Going Off to College

Despite having their whole lives to prepare, it is never easy to realize the time has come for your child to leave home for the first time. Having your kid go to college is a huge life change, and it is natural that it may cause feelings of anxiousness as a parent. 

Whether you are an empty nester or sending your firstborn off to school, it rarely gets easier to say goodbye. However, there are ways to ease the anxiety you may be feelings surrounding your child going off to college. Interested in learning more? Keep reading. 

Find comfort in new beginnings

One of the biggest ways you can begin to change your feelings of anxiety surrounding your kid’s departure to college is to find comfort in the new beginning of college life. This is an exciting time for you both! By embracing the change, you can begin to feel more comfortable with it. 

Instead of worrying and wanting to control the situation, think of all the new and exciting things your child can begin to experience. Making new friends, furthering their education, and becoming a full-fledged adult are just a few new things your child will be going through over the course of their collegiate career.

By finding comfort in the new, you change your thought pattern from a fear mindset to a growth mindset. It should help to lessen your stress and turn it into excitement about the future. 

Invest in yourself

Although you will always be a parent, with your child away at college, it opens up time in your life to reconnect with yourself. Instead of spending time worrying about what your student is doing, take that time to do something positive for yourself. 

Reconnect with old hobbies you used to enjoy and just haven’t had time for recently. Join a book club or take cooking classes. Use this time to take care of yourself and reinvest in yourself. 

Set your child up with a support system

college age student working on computer

Although your child is in a new environment, it does not mean their old support system automatically goes away. As their parent, you know they will always have you to lean on for support. Their old friends are there for them as well! On top of all the existing support systems that are already in place, they also have access to a brand new network of friends at college. 

In most cases, college campuses also have free access to mental health services as well. Before dropping your child off on campus, consider looking into what options they have open to them. This way, you know that they will always have someone nearby to talk with.

Build your own support system

Despite how you may feel, you are certainly not the first parent about your child leaving for college. Setting up your own support system will be a huge help in dealing with your anxieties surrounding your child being away from home. 

Reach out to parents with children of their own that are your kid’s age. Most likely, they are going through similar feelings as yours. You can learn to lean on one another for support and get through this difficult time together. 

Throughout the school year, if you find that your anxiety is not easing up, then it may be time to speak to a professional. You must take care of yourself so that you can help take care of your college student. Seeking therapy or counseling is never something you should be ashamed of! Contact my office when you decide to make a leap of your own. I am here to help you or your chid with anxiety counseling.