How to Fit Dating Into Your Busy, Fast-Paced Life

Saying dating can be hard is an understatement. Finding a special someone while you are balancing your own busy schedule can make dating even harder. Still, you deserve a chance at a happy, healthy relationship if that is what you desire. 

Although it seems like a daunting task, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of helpful tips you can take to fit dating into your fast-paced life. Interested in learning more? Keep reading. 

Think about what you want from dating

Before you stick your toe back into the dating pool, take some time to consider what you really want from dating. Are you looking for a serious, long-term partner? Or are you more interested in a casual fling? 

Decide what you want out of your partner and your dating life. This way, you are able to look for partners that are interested in the same things and neither of you will waste your time. Once you have established this, then you can proceed forward with confidence. 

Redefine what dating looks like for you

Dating does not always have to be a long, drawn-out dinner date, especially if your time is valuable. For a first date, especially, keep it fun and quick. Instead of making dinner reservations at the new place down the street with a new person you’re dating, think about taking a walk at a park or a cool coffee shop. This way, if you aren’t feeling chemistry on the date, it is over quickly. 

For more established partners, think of ways you can incorporate dates into your weekly schedule. If you work out every evening, think about switching your regular pilates to a hiking date. 

Make time for meeting people

restaurant table with glasses

After you have decided what you want out of your dating life and what it may look like, now you must figure out how to make time for it. Finding someone you are interested in can be tough. As unglamorous as it sounds, a great way to meet new people is by putting aside time for it. 

If you are seeking out partners on dating apps, set aside a certain amount of time per day to go through potential matches. Or, if you are looking to meet someone more organically, tell your friends you are on the market and looking. This way, you get the added benefit of your friends keeping you accountable to keep getting out there. 

Select your partners carefully

While actively dating, you may think that you should say yes to every offer you receive from a potential suitor. This could not be further from the truth! It is so important to remember your worthwhile dating.

You don’t need to go on a date just because you feel like you should, or if you aren’t interested in your partner. Make sure they are a good fit for you.  

Take a hard look at your schedule 

Hustle culture is incredibly over-glorified in the present day. If you’re looking to find someone special or simply get more in touch with your personal life, try to unlearn some of your busybody habits. I promise you won’t look back on your life and wish you would have worked more. 

Be yourself and remain optimistic

The most important thing to remember when dating is to be yourself. You won’t find the right person for you if you aren’t acting like yourself! Remember, don’t conform and compromise your values simply because you want to find a significant other. 

It is also important to remain optimistic. Although dating can be a challenge, it is also an opportunity to meet new people, experience cool things, and potentially find love. Stay positive and good things will come to you. 

If you are still interested in getting help to balance your busy schedule, then I’m here to help. Anxiety counseling can help you learn to keep everything in balance. Contact me to get started.