I Had The Pleasure Of Meeting A Woman Years Ago And She Shared The Story Of Her Family Vacation. See If Parts Of It Relate To You.

The weeks leading up to the vacation she made lists upon lists. Every article of clothing for the kids written out, every over-the-counter medicine was on the list too (you know, just in case), toys and games for the car ride was written out. The snacks, enough for a van of campers prepared and packed. Instructions for the vet for the animals was written out in precision (yes, to the vet they have gone to for ten years). Endless loads of laundry were done.

The morning of the family adventure she woke up extra early to make breakfast for all, ran around the house (multiple times) to make sure all was packed and loaded. Each kiddo had their favorite stuffed animal. The pups had their favorite toys. She even ensured her husband had his desired items.

Forgetting Herself


About an hour into the ride the kids needed to use the restroom. When they pulled over, she went to the trunk to look for something and realized her suitcase was not there. It hit her. It was in the foyer of the house. All her stuff. Her kids, partner, even the dogs had what they needed. SHE made sure of that. Not once did she ask for help or even think to double check to see if her items were in the car.

Not having her suitcase was truly a symbol of how she was living her life. She willingly took care of others. She loved doing it. In doing it daily however she never took a moment to see how she was caring for herself. She repeatedly gave away her time, energy, internal resources.

Target came to the rescue for what she needed for the trip. Returning home, the front door opened and there was her suitcase. It was that moment she promised to herself to never to let herself be forgotten.

Years Later I Continue To Meet Women With A Similar Story


After saying the phrase aloud, “from forgotten to the forefront” in session a few times women asked for a group to have support and accountability as well as meet others like them for connection and understanding.

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