Marriage Counseling

Years ago, a couple came in for counseling.  As soon as the session opened the husband said, ” how do you define marriage?”

Having never been asked such a question before, I paused and offered, “I see it like this.  Someone offers you a job, an opportunity.”  The “job description ” will require you to work 24/7, 365- days a year.  They are willing to have the same job description.  When both parties agree and continually show-up for the terms of the job description there can be an amazing benefits package.

Over time I’ve heard couples offer “I stopped looking at my job description, I turned off my pager.”  “We stopped dating years ago.”  “We are ships passing in the night, often feeling like roommates.”   Couples in the life stage of building careers, a young family, learning who THEY are (the jugglers) to the newly retired couple who have an awareness of distance (who are you?).  Often in both as well as other scenarios there may be years of questioning  how to start re-connecting.  Many couples have a strong desire to be more intimate and present but walls of hurt, resentment and a fear to be vulnerable leaves them hesitant to “make the first move.”

Come learn how to reconnect in session and to show-up daily in your relationship.  Together we can explore and commit to a job description you want, desire, long for.

If you connect with any of these statements call for a free phone consultation to see if we can be a good fit to get your benefit package working for you:

“There is no supportive co-parenting.  It’s more like good cop, bad cop.”

“You’ve expressed how you feel so many times, as if your screaming but continue to feel completely UNHEARD

You are exhausted or burnt out from trying to reach your partner for so long, that now you just shut down and move away”

The walls of anger and resentment are so thick you don’t know how to start bringing them down.

We don’t communicate, I don’t know if we ever did and I think we are both SCARED to start.

When hearing the concepts of FUN and PLAYFULNESS in regards your relationship those seems like so long ago.

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