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Is Worry About Added Stress Keeping You From Making An Appointment With A Therapist?

Do you wish you could devote more time and space to your partner, your family, and yourself?

Yet is a need to people-please preventing you from setting meaningful boundaries in your life, eating up energy that you’d rather be spending on something else?

Have you put off therapy because you don’t want to add another item to your to-do list?

Like many of my clients, you’re probably living your life in acceleration mode, always striving toward the next thing. Being as successful and driven as you are, it’s sometimes hard to identify your true wants, needs, and emotions. Instead of living by your own authentic rules, you may feel governed by what you should do, constantly trying to reach impossible expectations. As a result, you say yes to it all—challenging your ability to set boundaries and have hard conversations. 

The truth is that you are giving your precious time away. But because you are desperate to take the stress off your plate, you might be concerned that setting aside intentional time for yourself in therapy will be just another time-consuming obligation.

Despite what you may think, however, online therapy is a way to maximize your time. By working with a clinician who will meet you where you are, you can learn to slow down, clarify your goals, and create more space in your life for self-care.

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Is Online Therapy Effective?

Seeing a therapist online is just as effective as going to in-person counseling. Studies demonstrate that, like in-person therapy, online counseling is effective for both individuals and couples experiencing a wide range of struggles—including symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and marriage or relationship issues.¹

For those who work away from home, travel frequently, or simply feel more comfortable from the privacy of their home or office, online therapy is a meaningful and confidential way to receive support. In many cases, online counseling is the first step to clients saying “yes” to themselves.

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Online Therapy At My Practice

Like other therapists, I was faced with questions about how my practice would operate amidst the onset of Covid-19 in 2020. Though overwhelmed, I gave myself time and space to gather my thoughts. When clients began reaching out to me about scheduling appointments online via teletherapy, I thought I was facing a daunting task of entirely transforming my practice. But I was up and running in 24 hours, quickly seeing the benefits that online counseling afforded to my clients throughout southwest Florida. 

Not only is our community filled with high-achieving professionals and busy families working against the clock—but we also have to contend with location-specific hurdles. Many of my clients have been forced to rebuild their homes in the wake of recent hurricanes, often causing relocation and time constraints. They appreciate the flexibility that working with an online therapist offers, allowing meaningful opportunities for reflection and self-care amidst a stressful, transitional time of life.

What To Expect

My services—including individual therapy, EMDR, and marriage counseling—are all available online. Though in-person options are still available through my practice, clients are welcome to schedule ongoing counseling online or teletherapy sessions on an as-needed basis. And because telehealth affords more flexibility on my end, later session times are available when done online. 

I use Zoom for online therapy sessions, which is a HIPAA-compliant platform ensuring your privacy. Before we meet, I will make sure to answer questions you have about online counseling and provide you with a tip sheet if you’re unfamiliar with Zoom. I also invite you to create a warm, pleasant space that belongs to you—whether that means sipping on a cup of coffee or cuddling up with a blanket. It is an honor to be in your space with you, and I will do everything I can to make the therapeutic experience feel as safe, open, and comfortable as possible. 

Online therapy is the first step in empowering yourself to own your time and space. With ongoing support, you can work toward that peaceful, satisfying life you’ve been dreaming about—ultimately freeing up your energy and resources to explore what fulfills you.

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Still Unsure If Teletherapy Is Right For You?

How can I be sure that online therapy will be as effective for me as in-person counseling?

Statistically speaking, online and in-person counseling have the same outcomes. However, “success” in therapy usually boils down to a supportive relationship between the counselor and the client—regardless of whether therapy takes place online or in person. I have found that fit translates across formats; if we have a strong rapport in person, we are likely to have a strong rapport via telehealth. Ultimately, the choice to continue therapy often comes down to personal preference and ongoing availability. 

I have a partner/child/family member at home with me - how can I maintain privacy?

Rest assured that when therapy sessions are conducted online via Zoom, our interactions are confidential and protected by HIPAA. Yet, if you are concerned about others listening in on our conversations, you may need to have an open discussion with them about your expectations and boundaries around your privacy. If you need help strategizing how to go about creating boundaries, that is certainly something we can explore together in early sessions.

Does insurance cover online therapy?

For many insurance providers, online therapy is covered the same way as in-person counseling services. 

My practice works with Aetna and WebTPA clients. Otherwise, I am an out-of-network provider. Contact the number listed on your insurance card to find out more about your benefits and if my online counseling services will be covered. 

Free Up Space In Your Life For YOU

I aim to make my therapy services accessible and efficient for all, which is why I offer online counseling. Contact me or call (239) 848-2022 to schedule an appointment today. 

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