You’re allowed to stop juggling life. To say those words, to really say them……not just in your head or as a soft whisper “I want to put myself first” feels like an impossible and selfish thing. You feel like a juggler in the circus constantly working to keep everything up in the air. You never let anyone see how it feels almost impossible to keep it all going.

Many of my clients describe:

  • I’m trying to get it all done “perfectly”, my career, parenting, my relationship but I’m not coming close to that in any of them!
  • The holidays, beginning of school, even summer break is completely overwhelming.  Pinterest, homemade costumes, the baked goods that look like something from the cooking channel, and the kids getting sick when there is mandatory work meeting makes me feel like I must keep treading water.
  • In my “past life” I was organized and on top of things like Monica on “Friends.”  Today, I see myself day in and out as a hot mess!

The phrases “I should have ” or “I’m drowning” are a record playing over and over in your head.  You ignore your voice, because if you stop you may fall short or mess up on one of your many, many life roles.  Everything important to you in your life will continue to still get done.  I hear that you don’t listen to your inner voice.  I invite you to listen to mine.  You can learn to stop juggling and feel free when you pause your life for a moment.  This must start with you.  You are capable.  You are deserving.  You have the power within even if it feels buried somewhere.

Keeping your life on the play button, juggling everything for everyone else can at times be fulfilling but mostly feels exhausting. Unless you commit to taking time for yourself.

You already feel like you’re doing everything alone. Figuring this out doesn’t have to feel that way.

Learn to stop juggling.

For years you’ve probably been telling yourself you’ll finally figure it all out. You push yourself harder to get it all done perfectly. Inside anxiety and an ongoing critical voice keep showing up. Asking for help means you’ve failed. Everyone will know. You try to silence it all.

But inside another voice is whispering, desperate to be heard. Listened to. A voice that says you can have it all and life CAN be easier. A voice pulling at you to please remember those times you were nicer to yourself, even recognized yourself in the mirror.

You deserve to breathe and enjoy life. Together we’ll find and hold on to that voice.

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