To the young woman who worked hard to earn her HS diploma and may not walk, your disappointment is valid. The stage wanted you.

To the woman who hustled countless hours in college and counted down to May 2020. Your professors wanted to hand you that diploma.

To the woman who started her first job excited and nervous. Whose mentoring ended and may feel all alone, know you are not.

To the woman excited to be dating and experiencing love now through distance. It is hard but keep feeling. We know this is not easy.

To the woman beaming with her engagement ring. Keep being excited. Grow that energy. Feel your cheeks sore. You deserve this time.

To the woman whose wedding needed to be postponed. You will be the Mrs. We cannot wait to meet you! Let others in to hold you.

To the woman who scored her dream job and is doing it behind a screen. We know it changed. You bring value to your industry.

To the woman jumping inside as she got accepted into a fabulous program. Please keep jumping. You made it happen! It is okay to cry.

To the woman who just miscarried, nervous to try again or go to the doctor. Feel our hugs. Hug yourself too.

To the pregnant woman whose birth story changed overnight. The story changed. I am so sorry. The ending will be your gift to our world. Thank-you.

To the career woman who now is home with children. Allow your screams out (in your car perhaps) this is hard. So extremely hard.

To the stay at home mom who feels she needs to be an octopus and feels trapped in the house. We see you. You ARE doing great.

To the woman who had a burning in her belly with big dreams. Keep those dreams alive. Take space to process this unexpected shift.

To the woman caring for her family and ailing parents. Please rest some. Wonder woman did. You are allowed.

To the woman who looks in the mirror no longer recognizing herself. Your former self is in there. Allow help to bring her out. We miss her.

To the woman struggling with fear and anxiety. Let us breathe together. Inside and out. In and out.

To the woman shaming herself for over-eating and drinking. You are human. You are human.

To the woman who wants her life back. Thank-you for your realness. That feels hard to say. You gave yourself a voice.

To the woman who lost her patience, be kind to her. Your ownership of it needs to be honored. Love your bravery.

To the woman missing her grandbabies. Your heart feels like its breaking. Thank-you for loving us so deeply.

To the woman with her own current health story. Huge well wishes sent to you. You are strong.

To the woman beating herself up because she is not doing enough, you are enough.

To the woman working on the front lines, because of you we are here.

To the woman having trouble sleeping at night, you need rest. Please reach out for tools and support.

To the woman struggling with her partner, consider outside help. Invest in your relationship with yourself, now and always.

To the woman who has lost your job, your worth is in there. Hoping someone else notices it very soon.

To the single woman who lives alone. Let us meet you so you will not feel lonely.

To the woman who has joint custody in this storm. One incredible momma you are.

To the woman separated or going through a divorce. Grieving takes time. You do not have to do it alone.

To the bonus mom, we are grateful for you being another positive adult for children.

There are women I am sure I missed. I pass this on to all the woman out there and I invite you too see her and yourself. We all have stories. You all inspired me to write this with your words and truths. Let others see you and be gentle to yourself, as if you were your dearest friend.

Helene Shute, LCSW

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