Women’s Divorce Support Group

Turn your Page is a divorce recovery support group for women.

When reading a new book, we may feel we’ve reread the same paragraph over and over.  Or we skip to the end because we don’t have the time to read each page.  Navigating the recovery process from divorce can feel the same way.  Similar to a paragraph we may replay conversations or moments in our head to figure out what went wrong.  Often hoping we can just get to the ending and be at peace with it all.

  • You stay up late at night wondering how will this impact my children, friendships, family.Feeling like you’ve “over talked” it with them you know keep it inside and feel alone on this emotional rollercoaster.  A burden you feel like you’ve become.
  • The anger and emptiness scream inside of you that you ask yourself, “Who are you?”
  • Answering questions, knowing what to do with your ring/pictures just overwhelms you.You didn’t prepare for this when you said, “I do.”

The process of separation and divorce can feel so isolating.  You don’t have to go through this alone.

Turn your Page is a divorce recovery support group for women.

Together, we’ll get through the emotional ups and downs that often come with this unfamiliar journey.  With each week your life pages will turn.  We will keep moving.  Hope and support will be felt as you connect with other women going through a similar life space.

Group Details:

When: every other Wednesday from 6:00-7:30pm starting January 10, 2018

Where: Premier Executive Center 5237 Summerlin Commons Blvd. Ft. Myers, 33907

Cost: $300 includes group meetings, all materials, light refreshments

Length of group: 6 sessions

Frequently Asked Questions:

*What can I expect?

Turning your Page is a place to come exactly how you are.  Receive support from others in a private and safe space.  We will discuss common challenges women face during this journey including the importance of self-care, setting new boundaries, facing those unexpected hard emotions, and learning who the new woman you are becoming week by week and (hoping to embrace and celebrate her!)

*Must I be in individual therapy to participate?

You do not need to be in therapy to participate in the group.  If you currently have a therapist, I encourage you to continue seeing them regularly.  Group often compliments current therapy.  It is not a replacement.  Members often find individual sessions helpful to process things in between group sessions.  I may also encourage to seek individual counseling if I feel it would be beneficial.

*Are sessions covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, support groups are not covered under insurance plans.  Thus, all groups must be paid privately.

Meet Helene

I Am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and I have had the privilege and honor to be invited to walk alongside women as they face the changes and challenges of their life while going through separation and divorce.

In the sadness of “the loss of us” there will be a beginning to a new “me.”  I know it feels like the story of your life has ended.  Turning your Page will help you reconnect and create parts of yourself that may have gone missing.  Group will be a powerful introduction to the new book of “you” and help you see your story has just begun.

Interested in joining?

Call the office at 239-848-2022 or email me at info@heleneshute.com to see if Turning your Page is a good fit for you and how to enroll.


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